Teens Learn About Healthy Cooking

CDN Siblings join in on the fun and attend a 6 week Healthy Cooking Class

Cooking classes focused on using fresh, easy to find produce.

Cooking classes focused on using fresh, easy to find produce.

Through our partnership with the Community Food Bank of NJ and the State’s SNAP-Ed program, Children’s Day has been able to offer new parent and teen groups to our families. In January 2019, SNAP-Ed educators provided parents with a “Pop-Up” healthy shopping and cooking demonstration. In February and March, we turned our attention to our teens (the big brothers and sisters of our preschoolers) and have been providing them with a fun and exciting healthy cooking series.


Teens join our SNAP-ED Sponsored Cooking Classes!

NJ’s SNAP-Ed program is sponsoring a cooking class at our school called “Cooking Matters for Teens”.  It is a series of cooking classes with the goal of teaching teenagers the benefits of making healthier food choices, encouraging them to try new foods, developing new friendships with other teens, and learning how to take charge in the kitchen. Each session focuses on learning about cooking with fresh foods and learning about cooking safety and how to use a variety of cooking utensils. During the first week of the program they made a yummy breakfast burrito. In the second week there was a cooking competition to determine who could make the best “stir-fried” tofu rice using the same healthy ingredients.

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Cooking Classes for Teens and Families

The teens are having a great time attending this group- and are learning many new recipes and are beginning to feel comfortable cooking healthy meals. We are excited to be able to offer this fun program- and can’t wait to see what happens with the remaining sessions!