Children’s Day’s Impact can be felt not only by the children and their families, but by our whole community. As each child and family graduates from our program stronger than when they began, our community continues to strengthen and improve.


100% of students

  • graduate ready for kindergarten- with the cognitive and social emotional skills needed to succeed

  • who need learning and/or therapeutic support receive it; including cognitive, speech, art therapy, occupational or physical therapy

  • are provided with a wide variety of developmental, health and nutrition screenings

100% of families

  • receive at least 1 home visit by one of our family workers

  • participate in the development of family goals and receive support in reaching those goals

  • participate in over 1,000 phone check-ins with family workers and other school staff

  • meet at least 6 times with teaching and/or social service staff each school year

  • participate in at least 1 family focused Children’s Day workshop

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Former Students gather to celebrate Children’s Day

Former Students gather to celebrate Children’s Day

The Passaic Community

Through our partnership with multiple public school, City and community agencies, we are able to provide our children and families with the resources needed to become successful community members and advocates for their children. Strong community members make for strong communities!