Family Involvement in their child’s learning is highly important to our student’s success.

Children’s Day Social Service Supervisor and the Family Workers provide an array of support services to involve families in their children's education and also to help them achieve family and personal goals.

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Family Workshops

Families are provided with a array of relevant workshops throughout the year to promote positive parent development- including topics such as good nutrition, behavior management, deepening the connection between parent and child, promoting resilience, and encouraging self-care.

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Support Groups

Support groups provide parents with the opportunity to gather for less formal meetings where they can share their struggles as well as successes. The opportunity to participate in these monthly emotional and social support groups has proven to be a treasured experience for many of our parents.


Home Visits

Family Workers make a home visit at least once a year to get to know the student and their families- an essential step towards building the connection that will grow over the time the child remains at Children’s Day and beyond.

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Family Partnerships

Family Workers strive to establish a written “family contract” with each student’s family that documents the family’s goals for the year. Family Workers review this contract to determine progress and provide support when needed.

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Ongoing Communication

All of our staff- including directors, managers, family workers and teaching and office staff interact regularly with parents in person, on the phone, and through Children’s Day gatherings to maintain a close working relationship.