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Understanding the Children’s Day Approach to Curriculum


A preschool program can approach the education and development of the children in their care in a variety of ways.  Taking care of young children involves more than just meeting their physical needs.  The curriculum we have chosen, called HighScope, views children as active learners, who learn best from activities that they themselves plan, carryout and reflect upon.

The teachers at Children’s Day use the curriculum to build upon children’s love of “play”.  Young children need to be involved in hands-on activities that provide the framework for exploring their interests and for expanding on what they already know about something.  Our staff designs and develops active “playing” and “learning” areas that reflect both the individual and group interests of the children in their class.


The physical environment in HighScope Curriculum classrooms is comprised of several carefully arranged Interest Areas.  Each area has a purpose, and curriculum goals and objectives are integrated across these areas as children work with all kinds of materials.  A few examples include: Block Area, Book Area, House Area, Art Area, and Discovery Area.

The Daily Routine is HighScope’s method of building structure and predictability into your child’s day.  Children are able to grow and develop their skills best when they know what to expect from their environment and there is a sense of predictability to their day.  The most important aspects of the daily routine are: Greeting Time, Planning and Recall Time, Work Time, and Small/Large Group Time.

Meal Time is important as well.  Meals are served family style. Children and teachers eat at the table together and the children are allowed to serve themselves from appropriately sized bowls and pitchers.  Conversations at the table provides opportunities for modeling appropriate eating habits, and learning experiences about nutrition. 

Rest Time occurs every day after lunch.  Teachers set up cots within the classroom using a sheet and blanket (provided by CDN) for each child.  Lights are dimmed and soft music is played to create a quiet atmosphere where children can relax and rest.  Teachers have quiet activities available for children who are non-sleepers. 

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