Celebrate Read Across America with Children's Day!


During the month of March, we celebrate Read Across America.

We encourage parents to come into our center and read to their child, either in the classroom or in Seussville which is a special designated area in the cafeteria. It would be a great time to bond with your child and model the importance of reading.

Fun Facts on why you should read to your child.

  • Sharing stories is fun. Only 15 minutes of daily reading can motivate children  to love reading all their life.

  • Listening, reading and writing skills are developed and strengthened by reading stories.

  • Vocabulary and comprehension of the written language is different to the spoken language.  Children’s skills can be enriched through this practice.

Click here for Amazon’s Best Selling Children’s Books. We recommend finding the ones you feel your child will like and then locating the book at your local library.

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