Reflections on 126 years of Children’s Day History


126 years have passed since Children’s Day Preschool and Family Center opened its doors.  Committed to nurturing and educating the children of Passaic, Children’s Day’s mission has always included enabling working parents to have peace of mind, knowing their children are stimulated, safe and well cared for.

Sue Dannemiller, Executive Director of CDN, explains the mission this way: “Our goal is to create a high quality preschool environment where every child and family is supported and is able to receive the services they need to thrive regardless of the challenges they face. We seek to create an environment where each person feels like family, and is treated with the greatest love, care and respect. We believe the best way to create each child’s success is to ensure the success of the whole family.” 


Currently, CDN offers family support services and ongoing therapeutic and educational programs for our children and their families. Home visits and family partnership planning are two highly effective initiatives that play a large role in successfully integrating the families into the social/emotional and educational goals our children are achieving. Family Workers build a strong connection between each family and the school. In this way, they are able to partner with the family to help them successfully navigate through any barriers to attaining these goals.

CDN continues its 126 years of dedication to creating an environment where children and their families can learn and grow into vital, effective members and leaders of their communities and beyond. 

Be on the lookout for details of our grand re-opening in our beautiful, newly renovated historic space - coming in September!

Susan Dannemiller